15 Clever Ways To Do Business In The Workplace

15 Clever Ways To Do Business In The Workplace

Trying to augment your regular income? The solution may be looking you right in the face. Just think—your co-workers are consumers too, and there are services that they may need or want which will constantly provide you with extra money.

Just follow these tips so you can take advantage of this convenient market right next to your own desk!

  1. First: keep an eye on what your workmates like to buy, and offer it at a cheaper price or with greater convenience than a mall or minimart.

    To ensure regular sales, see which products will appeal to them most. Are your workmates beauty junkies who would like to buy lipstick that’s cheaper than mall prices? Do they want reasonably-priced homemade meals? Know your market to find the most profitable product.

  2. Think about offering products wholesale so they are more likely to buy as a group.

    Nothing gets people more excited than bulk deals and discounts—offer to make a product cheaper when they buy more of them. Three of any item is a good base number to start lowering your price. What you give up for individual profits, you more than make up for in regular buys and sales volume!

  1. Offer your “must-haves” conveniently during payday time.

    Your workmates are more likely to part with their cash after they’ve gotten their salaries, so show them your goods when they have money to burn—not when they’re pinching pennies—to close a sale.

  1. Occasionally throw in freebies for regular buyers.

    A random giveaway or two increases positive feelings with the people who buy from you, so don’t be afraid to give up an item if it will ensure customer loyalty in the workplace.

  1. Provide samples or swatches so they can feel secure in their purchase.

    Since they have little time away from their desk, they may be wary of spending cash on a snack they’ve never tried before or buying a dress when they’re not sure about the fit. Let them try on the item or provide bite-sized portions to seal the deal.

  1. Remember that every single peso counts.

    Even if you’re only selling mints or instant coffee, take heart. If you ensure regular workplace buys, those coins will accumulate into a sizeable profit in the long run.

  1. If you have a lot of unused items in your house, go on a mobile garage sale!

    You can inform your workmates about practically-new clothing, kitchenware or other useful things that usually cost a lot of money, which you can bring and allow them to bargain for at the workplace—the convenience and the savings will be a big incentive for them, and you turn your unwanted stuff into cash!

  1. Do keep things discreet so your workmates don’t feel awkward.

    Use your break times to show the items—don’t interrupt them when they’re working or harangue them about buying. If there’s a common area like the pantry or a rest place, even better, as that may attract even co-workers you don’t know that well to buy from you.

  2. Don’t stick to only one product, to maximize profitability, as tastes change.

    You can do this without inconveniencing yourself—simply add at least one product, or switch to a new one if your old one was a novelty, just to ensure that you keep their interest and offer alternatives to everyone who could possibly buy.

  1. Encourage word of mouth about your little side business.

    When co-workers who have bought from you can vouch for your product, that will carry a lot more weight with future buyers in the office, so cultivate that goodwill!

  2. Make the packaging special or more portable—your co-workers will appreciate it.

    Selling pre-packed meals? Place it in a microwavable container so they can heat up their food. Keep breakables or cosmetics carefully stored so they aren’t damaged during a commute. These small things only confirm that buying from someone as thoughtful as you was a great decision.

  1. Be sneaky—introduce it during a company outing or special event.

    Don’t want to spend on samples or freebies? Bring the item as your contribution or gift to someone’s birthday in the office, and when people ooh and ahh, mention afterwards that you also sell it on the side—how convenient!

  1. Do ask them what else they would want to buy, so you can offer it straightaway.

    Even if you think you’ve thought of everything, your workmates may be coveting something on Instagram or randomly craving a specific item. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from them.

  1. If they’re dissatisfied, apologize and replace the product.

    They’re your co-workers! If you see them all the time, it would be bad for them to be reminded that your last batch of cookies was no good. Give them something free next time to smooth things over so they don’t hold a grudge and continue buying from you. Otherwise you may have someone who will dissuade your other co-workers from helping your business!

  1. Subtly promote it on social networking, and tag your co-workers.

    If your product is used and reviewed, it will enhance its profile if it’s shown online, and may even expand your market to their friends and relatives—so do feature your product during co-worker outings or special occasions and use photos to help spread the word!


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