Colorful Life

Colorful Life

I have weathered many storms in my life and still, somehow, bounced back. And looking back when Jon Versoza asked me as to how I want to be remembered, I said these words —

 I want to be remembered as the woman who completed her studies, who believed in the value of education and rebelled against the tide of inadequacy and did her best to build a family as much as she built houses.  I want to be remembered as the woman who did not hinder anything, even poverty, to make all her childhood dreams come true.


“How much have you changed through the years?  I mean, who was Cristina Decena?  And who is Cristina Decena now?”  Jon Versoza asked.

Practically the same person, but a stronger, more sympathetic woman.  Someone who has outlived ordeals that any given life needed to wrestle with. But all is fair in God’s will.  All it took was getting my dreams intact and remembering where I started.

“How do you manage to stomach and survive the real estate business?”

You have to know how to gauge people by speaking to them in their language.  Sa negosyong ito, I’ve been surrounded not only by contractors, architects and engineers but also by masons, carpenters and the like, kaya, I treat everyone with respect because it is your people who will make your business grow and I abide in efficient people management.


To read more of my interview with Jon Versoza, click this LINK or the photo below:

Cristina Decena


We all can read the success stories of all the people who made an impact in our lives, be motivated and be inspired. But we all should aspire to be successful in our path as well. Let each day be a goal. We must always be a better person than we were the day before.


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