Give Your Business a Real Boost Online

Give Your Business a Real Boost Online

If you’ve been thinking about how to give your sales volume a bit of a lift, but are uncertain how to go about it, the internet is actually a very useful medium for doing so. With a few clicks of the mouse, you automatically have so much at your fingertips that you can use to your advantage. With the sheer amount of access and visibility that you can get from making yourself felt online, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to improve your current business model and practices. Here are some ways you can get on board with the digital revolution and take your work to the next level.


  1. Check websites for online trends that you can connect to your product or services.

    If you’re running a retail business, this is especially useful as tastes change all the time—bloggers, online reviewers and celebrities are constantly spreading the word about the latest It accessory. The same thing goes for restaurants or those selling food, for example—sometimes there’s just a must-try dish or kind of cuisine that’s very much in vogue. It would be useful for you to know if there’s a way for you to offer that product to increase your profit margins.

  2. Build social media visibility.

    Some people start the day by checking out their Facebook feed or scrolling through the latest Tweets, so if you have a presence in social media, it’ll be easier to share information about your business or to spread the word about your latest product, discount or some tips which will encourage people to patronize your business. Get a social media account for your business—it’ll definitely help if you want to post pictures or descriptions, which can then be relayed to potential customers.

  3. You can get people to review your product on their blogs.

    Do not underestimate the power of a well-written blog entry! Many bloggers have thousands of followers—that’s an audience worth reaching. Send a sample of your product to one and ask if they’re willing to review it or post pictures of it, so people can see for themselves what it is you’re offering. Their endorsement will go a long way in creating positive feedback about your business, as well as boost your visibility on search engine results, making it easier for those surfing the web to find out more about your business.

  4. Get sponsored ads.

    Offering discounts or information on deals or your product is easy if you’re willing to pay for a sponsored ad on social networks or blogs, and it won’t take a lot out of your wallet. If a potential customer searches or likes products or services similar to yours, a sponsored ad for your business can pop up on their feed, and that one click may just earn you a new client. It’s definitely an option worth looking into!

  5. You can use a referral reward system.

    This sounds a bit formal, but it’s actually pretty straightforward: many businesses nowadays offer occasional promos like a discount or a free small item if people share their photo on their social network profile, which can generate a huge boost in online visibility whenever it’s offered and increases buzz about your business. Think of all the restaurant promos and sudden booms in foot traffic shortly after they offer these kinds of deals: you can harness that same word-of-mouth power online through this.

  6. Create an FAQ page or query form.

    Many customers actually can provide great input or ask questions about your business so you can improve what you’re doing or add to what you’re selling so more people can get it—it’s just that so many people are intimidated by physical forms to fill out or hovering salespeople. An online FAQ page that will guide them and a feedback form that solicits their opinion from the comfort of anywhere they can use a device eliminates that awkwardness, which will be useful if you’re wondering what your next step should be and will keep your pulse on the wants and needs of your existing and potential client base.


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