Social Media and Marketing for Business

Social Media and Marketing for Business

Social media and marketing are going to make a complete turnaround for the way businesses are run nowadays. Thanks to the visibility that the internet now offers anyone who wants to set up a webpage or create an account on a social network, the force of a solid online presence can no longer be ignored by even the most esteemed and established businesses—whether they’re couture powerhouses, fast food behemoths or first-time small players looking to establish a foothold in an emerging and ever-changing market. Here’s how social media and marketing for businesses will change the playing field for good.


  1. Consumers are smarter and less likely to take ads at face value.

    Back then, negative feedback would take a while to fly in the face of someone who wasn’t attending to their customers properly—and even then, print media are generally less likely to print warnings to stay away from subpar places, as they’re more inclined to print positive reviews about other places instead. It also kept a lot of otherwise great businesses small in scale as no one had ever heard of them. But now? Social media has made a veritable game out of finding that hole in the wall and making it the next It spot for lunch, or encourages comparisons between similar products. That gives consumers more information at their fingertips. It also encourages personal reviews which ignore the glossing over of traditional advertising, meaning no matter how much you spend, if your product or service is really no good, it’s only a matter of time before someone bursts the bubble on the hype.

  2. It will give more power to the average consumer thanks to the relative accessibility of blogs and online reviews.

    Because of that power mentioned above, there are millions of people who now have access to information about your business. That actually has the effect of amplifying the power of word of mouth, as consumers tend to trust fellow consumers, and not some flashy ad, about what’s really up with what they’re thinking of trying or buying. This means that blogs which try out certain products and have thousands of followers can end up creating a whole new market for the items and services they favor—not to mention negatively affect their decisions if they write a negative review.

  3. Businesses will become more creative to stand out from the pack.

    There’s going to be a big boom in terms of opportunities for design and advertising graduates, as the internet means there will be plenty of other players wanting a piece of the pie—and thus every business needs to ensure that they can stand out in terms of their online presence, so whether it’s a viral video, a sleek minimalist website or an efficient form filling mechanism, businesses have to streamline their online presence and think of increasingly more interesting gimmicks to attract the attention of jaded buyers.

  4. Businesses will also have more tie-ups, discounts, and other freebies which will give consumers more options.

    Because there are so many businesses competing for the attention of internet surfers, apart from advertising on sites and social media, it will become necessary to either have an innovative service or product which will capture audience fascination immediately, or lower prices to have other people choose you over the competition. With the limited possibilities for expanding inventory or other novelty offers, it becomes inevitable that online discounts or deals will become more prevalent, particularly in exchange for shares or likes on social networks, or for entering contests which generate new shareable content and buzz for the business in exchange for a gift package or freebie.

  5. It will reduce the budget for the old physical business model.

    This is particularly true of businesses rooted entirely in ecommerce websites. No more worrying about employees manning the store or the cost of water and rent, or whether or not you have to slash marketing from your budget—online sites and social media will provide affordable ways of showing people your service or inventory of products without having to maintain a physical store, and you can now advertise online for free or a very low fee.


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