Top 5 Holiday Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business Now

Top 5 Holiday Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business Now

With the holiday season coming up, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the spike in buying and customer attention. True, it’ll be a bit tougher as everyone’s jockeying to figure out what will draw people in and make them want to try out their product or service—simply because there will be more people requiring the use of certain services or who need to give gifts, so there will always be an uptick in spending at this time of the year. But if you buckle down and pay attention to our tips, you will definitely be able to hook in more people during the holidays!

  1. Offer products which are holiday-themed.

    Though a little cheesy, sometimes we do have to adapt to the spirit of the times. This is a broad statement, but it applies to virtually every business planning to get more foot traffic. If you’re offering food items, considering offering it in party packages for those holiday potlucks, or presenting it in attractive red and green packaging related to the holidays as a gift or giveaway to relatives and friends. Things like peppermint, fruitcake, angels, pine trees, bells, Santa Claus, elves and heaps of snow automatically evoke the feeling of the holidays with people, so those are a few key ideas or concepts you can integrate into pushing your product or services during the festive season.

  2. Give discounts for those buying more than one item so that they can feel like they’re saving more.

    Shaving off a small amount of money from your profit margins in order to increase sales volumes is beneficial during the holidays, as customers will be looking for ways to maximize their money for a large number of purchases or to take care of a big group. The more sales you make, the more likely it will be that more people will learn about your product or service, so get cracking! Examples include offering buy two, take one deals, vouchers with percent discounts for holiday-themed items, and lowered party package rates.

  3. Offer personalized packaging or services which will make your business feel more personal in catering to clients.

    There are plenty of deals out there, it’s true—so a little extra service goes a long way towards making people end up choosing your business. Offer complimentary gift wrapping as a way to entice buyers to avail of your services. Gift cards, ribbons, holiday-themed packaging and wrapping are inexpensive and add a charming holiday touch, and make customers feel like they’re saving even as they’re deciding where to stop and get something for Christmas.

  4. For loyal clients or those who buy large numbers of your items, send them a little gift in the spirit of the holidays.

    It doesn’t have to be an expensive item, but just receiving a small token for free letting them know that you appreciate their business patronage can go a long way towards increasing loyalty to your business and making customers choose you over other businesses. Deliver it with a personal note including that person’s name for an extra personal touch that will impress them. Few businesses actually engage in this practice and stick solely to discounts, so you will definitely stand out if you try this tip out!

  5. Don’t forget to integrate holiday themes in your social networking accounts and website!

    If you don’t have a site for your business, get one before the holiday rush starts, as many customers enjoy the ease of browsing through a site and learning information about a product or service from any point they choose to access the net. If you already have one, switch to a cute holiday theme—it can be as easy as changing your site background to something with snowflakes and snowmen, to something as elaborate as a holiday video campaign or contest that will allow people to win prizes by increasing buzz about your business and sharing posts that you’ve already made on your site or account. The possibilities are endless, and since people want to avoid the hassle of the holiday rush in a lot of physical stores, having an online presence will be invaluable in spreading the word and getting more people to buy from your business!


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