Some Interesting Fashion Trends for 2016

Some Interesting Fashion Trends for 2016

Fashion comes and fashion goes, and any self respecting fashion diva will make sure they don’t fall behind the times. While you will certainly want to hang on to that fantastic Ferragamo or Gucci handbag, you have to keep abreast with other aspects of fashionable wear. Here are some trends you should know going into the second quarter of 2016.


Black and white will always be fashionable when it comes to dress, but anything in between can shift in popularity. For 2016, look more towards the vivid brights for that snazzy dress, particularly those approximating the Serenity and Rose Quartz shades as established by Pantone.  The trending colors are unisex, but let’s be honest.  The girls are the fashion forward ones .  Add ankle strap oxfords for a casual look, or strappy heels for more formal occasions.

Hair cut

Most men still prefer women with long flowing locks, but your hairstyle is your personal choice. For 2016, fashion calls for the classic bob, which lends itself well to all occasions. Wear it lose with jeans and other casual wear, in a smooth bun for work, and wavy locks for special nights. You can experiment with hair color more easily with less hair, as well, until you find the shade that really makes your best features pop.


You don’t have to cut your hair if you don’t want to, but you can still make a fashion statement by blinging it up. Choose attention-grabbing hair accessories, or invest in glitter spray or shine. Use a reasonable amount, though. You don’t want to be mistaken for a K Pop groupie.

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This may be a little tricky for some people with dark skin and/or yellow teeth, but the fashionable color for lipstick is orange in lieu of last season’s nudes and ultra red lip smackers. Orange tends to make dark skin look gray, and picks up the yellow in your pearly whites. However, if you don’t mind that, then go ahead and be fashionable.


Are you thinking of investing  in yet another pair of distressed boyfriend or skinny jeans? Hold off a bit, because fashion calls for the more relaxed look of high-waist mommy jeans. It will look great with your favorite crop tops, unless of course you are also sporting mommy tummies. If that is a case, stick to off-shoulder peasant blouses with puffed sleeves. Adorable.


You might also want to consider resurrecting your fringe tops and skirts that came into fashion a few years ago. It is coming back with a vengeance, and for good reason. What can be flirtier? You might even want to get a great jacket, but wait until the summer’s over, because you will have a hard time finding somewhere to wear it. The same goes for fringe boots.


If bling is not your thing, how about a baseball cap?  A leather cap will do very well with your casual wear, especially mommy jeans. However, if you think leather is a bit over the top, a plain one will do just as well.


Retro dressing is always going to be a risk, especially if you’re harking back to your student days. Student skirts might look great for work, but be careful that it is knew length for decorum.


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