Urban: OOTD #3

Urban: OOTD #3

A castle town with a beautiful garden and museum. A crossroads for traffic in the Sanyo region.


Okayama (岡山) is the capital of Okayama Prefecture, and the largest city in the Chugoku Region after Hiroshima. The city is an important transportation hub, being the location where the Sanyo Shinkansen meets with the only rail connection to Shikoku. The city developed as a castle town during the Edo Period (1603-1867) and became a significant regional power.
Okayama’s most famous attraction is Korakuen Garden, which is ranked as one of the three best landscape gardens in Japan, along with Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen and Mito’s Kairakuen. Okayama Castle is located just across from the garden. Okayama serves as the locale for the popular fairy tale of Momotaro (the Peach Boy), so visitors will notice many references to the legendary hero.


What to see?

1. Korakuen Garden – outstanding Japanese style landscape garden

2. Kibi Plain – charming plain with attractive cycling route

3. Okayama  Castle – reconstruction of the former castle

Side trips from Okayama?

1. Naoshima

2. Inujima Island

3. Bitchu-Takahashi

4. Kurashiki

5. Onomichi


 Cristina Decena
Location: Okayama, Japan (Wintertime)
• Leather Jacket: Japan
• Denim Pants: Levi’s
• Scarf and Boots: Nordstrom USA
• Bag & Twilly Wrap: Hermes
Sources: japan-guide.com, google

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