5 Kick-Ass Apps That Will Help You Organize in the Next 24 Hours

5 Kick-Ass Apps That Will Help You Organize in the Next 24 Hours

They say that the key to a stress-free work week is a combination of time management and proper organization—this has been drilled into us since our high school days. However, we seldom follow this piece of wisdom and end up spending precious hours playing games or idly browsing Facebook or Instagram, instead of being productive and lessening the pile of things to do. It’s not because you’re innately lazy, though. Sometimes we just need the proper tools to steer us in the right direction and remind us of our priorities. Here are five great apps that will keep you from forgetting important dates or missing your deadlines!

  1. 24me

    Available for Android, 24me is an easy-to-use app that combines your calendar, to-do list and notes into one convenient package. It automatically send you reminders so you won’t forget important events, such as conferences or meetings, output deadlines or even bill payment dates. It can even sync with other apps like Facebook to keep track of events you’re going to, sends messages to your friends on their birthdays—no more awkward moments of forgetfulness—and lets you share notes with friends, so passing on ideas or collaborating with co-workers will be a breeze.

  2. Timeful

    If you’ve ever dreamed of a personal assistant, this is it. Timeful, which is available on iOS, allows you to plug in your must-do and want-to-do items, after which it will automatically suggest the most efficient schedule possible that will get it all done, including sleep hours. It even adapts to your inputs over time and makes better suggestions to adjust to your work week. It’s essentially a task list taken to the next level. With Timeful, you can create a new to-do item in various categories like personal, work, fun, and custom.

  3. Trello

    A fun and productive app available on iOS and Android, Trello is a task manager that works as a series of boards, which can then be divided into sets and lists of their own and divided amongst people, or used for solo organization. There’s color coding, as well as a link and photo insertion function, and commenting on cards is allowed, making this particularly useful for organizing group activities in no time at all.

  4. Evernote

    Available for Android, iOS, Mac Appstore, Windows 8, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, and WebOS, Evernote is one of the most well-known and versatile apps for note-taking and organizing. This app allows you to insert notes, images and even random ideas on separate spaces, but on one board or file, making it easy to access everything and keep track of your train of thought and deadlines. It also synchronizes everything to cloud storage, but you can also save an offline version, making organization on the go effortless. There’s even a tab that records when and where you made notes!

  5. Cloudmagic

    This app won a Webby Award last year for its gorgeous design and smooth animations. Emails and cloud storage have become part and parcel of working life, and this app brings these two together. Cloudmagic is available on iOS and Android, and creates a unified inbox that syncs all your email accounts across all your synced devices, presenting an easy-to-read, easy-to-browse platform. The search function for Cloudmagic is also amazing and works across all these platforms, so you’ll never be forced to endlessly sift through your inbox for that client receipt or interview notification again.


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