Dating tips 101: The proper way

Dating tips 101: The proper way

You’ve scored a date with the girl of your dreams this Saturday night. You already picked out a place where you would go to, and have all the things you would ever need, or at least that’s what you think. Until you realize that, you’re still not sure whether to pick her up or not. So, would you? Should you or not?

Times have change. There are plenty of dating tips that aren’t as useful as they were back in your grandpap’s time. Among the most important rule back in the days was to pick up your date and then escort her back to her house afterwards. It’s a gesture of sincere commitment to a girl and to her parents. If you don’t fetch, then you’re either branded as an irresponsible and a douche. But today, dating has gone to a whole new level. There are plenty of ways on how we meet someone we would go out with, women insist on being more independent and things are a bit more lose and liberated. However, that doesn’t mean that doing it old school would hurt your chances in getting the girl.

Take note that even when our time calls for most of the women to be more independent, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be cared for and protected for. A handful of women get all flushed with just a slight touch of sweetness.

Apart from that, picking them up would not only show what a sweet gentleman you are, but this would also ensure that they would be able to get to the destination and on the way home safely.

Now before you would go asking her permission to fetch her, do a bit more research about her. As mentioned earlier, some women have lots of issues regarding gender roles and independence.

We both know that you want to impress her so on that first date especially that this can be your make it or break it moment the last thing you want her to feel is that you’re too mushy. So if she has some sort of issue about you dropping by her house to fetch her, then it’s best that you ask her permission first.

Sometimes certain types of women (especially those that you’re meeting for the first time) feel kind of awkward about it, while others well they don’t like that sort of treatment. So keep your eyes peeled for that. The key here is to be more receptive towards signals that could indicate that they don’t like these sorts of actions. You can try asking the question but be prepared to get a no.

Now if they aren’t as sensitive, and assuming you know each other for quite some time, then you could just blurt out the question.

Whichever scenario you get yourself into remember that it pays to ask so at least you get to give her a choice. A handful of women are very happy to feel like they are given a chance to choose. They dig that a lot, so that could earn you some plus points.

Remember to try to ask in advance. Some women like everything planned out early, so you should also consider doing that. There’s really nothing to lose. If she turns you down then there’s no harm in that right?  If she does say yes, then at least you can spend a bit more time with her.

Apart from that this is a also plus point not only in wooing the person that you like or want, but also impressing the parents. Now we all know for a fact that even if times are changing in this generation, traditions still stick, so might as well go ask her and if you get the chance, then grab it.


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