Easy Tips For A Cozier Abode

Easy Tips For A Cozier Abode

There’s nothing quite like the small things to make a house feel more lived in but well-loved. It’s always the details which can make or break your interior design scheme—turning a humble space into a cocoon of restfulness and elegance that will make anyone, from family members to dinner guests and casual visitors, feel at home right away.

There are a few tips and tricks which can easily organize your house with a personal touch.
Check these out, and get crafting to turn your house from blah to wow with a little DIY!

  1. Add colorful, warm accents on a neutral base.

    Keep in mind that color contrasts make maximum use of light, and can make a home immediately more beautiful even on a dreary, rainy day! Think cream sofa upholstery with fuchsia throw pillows, or take a page from Santorini and inject some cobalt blue into your home with colorful picture frames or vases. Just remember that each splash of color should serve as an accent and should complement the other colors in your house—it may be a bit less “wow” and a bit more “what?” when you put together peach carpets with turquoise and This decorating trick is especially effective when you put together a mostly-neutral schemed room and have solid-colored ornaments scattered in various areas to draw the eye. Stylish, simple, with minimal planning.

  2. Put a little bit of Mother Nature into your home.

    Your gaze may ache for a touch of greenery when you’re surrounded by concrete all the time, and why not? Psychology has shown that a possible reason why green is so soothing to the human eye is that it may remind us of the tall grasslands that signify safety. But here, nature is refreshing and a constant reminder to stay connected to our surroundings. Get some pet cacti—they’re quite darling and easy to maintain. Want some flowers in your home, but you’re afraid of shedding petals and pollen? Put a beautiful dried flower wreath or ikebana arrangement on your coffee table—they’re far homier than plastic!

  3. Mix up materials.

    Contrast the plush with the pebbly, the smooth with the rough—there’s a reason why straw hats and linen dresses work so well in fashion. Why not go for a rich velvet throw blanket on your worn rocking chair? Or contrast wooly upholstery or thick carpeting with metal or wood furniture to create something intriguing for both the senses of sight and touch? These are just a couple of suggestions—don’t forget to take into account having a certain number of colors in your room scheme!

  4. Make sure each room has proper lighting.

    Whether it’s a tasteful wall sconce or a floor or desk lamp, ensure that every room is well-lit—having adequate lighting is key to lifting up the moods of people in a certain space. It’s been psychologically proven that darker environments can increase feelings of sadness or numbness, so put a little artificial sunshine in your home. Warm ambient lighting is ideal for rest spaces, while florescent lights are good for spaces like kitchens which require a bit more glare in their lighting.

  5. Add some personal photos or treasured keepsakes—but do not fill every corner with them.

    Again, the idea of accents is important. No house is truly “homey” until it gives a peek into what its inhabitants are like—and nothing says this better than photos. Choose a tasteful selection of family photos to place on the mantelpiece, on a desk or on a corner table. Save the diplomas for the office when you’re the boss, as they’re a bit too much in a home. You can even dress up your refrigerator with magnetic poetry—just place a magnetic kit there and any one can make a random silly or profound piece. Drawings and notes from your kids add a sweet and meaningful touch.

  6. Don’t neglect scents.

    Scents are an easy way to affect anyone’s mood, and nothing says home quite like the smell of baking bread or brewing coffee in the kitchen. When you’re not whipping up something, evoke that same atmosphere with a room or linen spray that is vanilla or cinnamon-scented. Want something fresher? Lavender and lemon, or crisp green apple are your best bets. You can also use a room scent diffuser to keep the scent constantly present in the room. Choose timeless scents that are not too cloying on the nose—a little goes a long way!



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