Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Staying trim and at the peak of your health can’t be easy, even on a light schedule. It requires discipline, a good routine and enough time to work out your muscles—and this can be even more challenging when you have to juggle that with your daily work plus taking care of your kids. So how do you manage to maintain a healthy diet and get enough exercise to stay as fit as you can be?

Here are a few tips that you can easily put in place, even when you’re frazzled and have a lot to do!

  1. Remember that you can use housework as a form of exercise.

    If you’re fretting because you haven’t been getting into the gym, examine your usual load of chores in the house, as these still make you exert effort and burn calories! Mopping the floor, scrubbing and gardening are just a few examples of housework that will help keep you in tip-top shape—so kill two birds with one stone and get some things done while you lose weight.

  2. Prepare your own healthy snacks in advance to prevent dipping into your child’s treats.

    Let’s face it: even as we strive to give our children a balanced diet, we can’t help but give them something indulgent to look forward to when they open their lunchboxes. This is not an excuse to gorge on small packets of cookies or chips that may be left over when you’re done packing up for them! Cut yourself some carrots or apples to dip into peanut butter or hummus for a healthy treat. Buy prepackaged nuts or trail mix to curb cravings and still let you enjoy a crunchy, flavor-laden snack. The daily calories you accumulate from eating the same unhealthy treats you occasionally give your kid can really take a toll on your weight, so be mindful!

  3. Incorporate 10-15 minute workouts that can still help you tone your body.

    The belief that you can only really lose weight and stay in shape if you spend hours in the gym is a myth. High intensity workouts even over shorter time intervals will be just as good to avert sudden weight gain, and to keep you from experiencing muscle shrinkage from going too long without working out. Chair dips-and-squats routines, the famed Tabata workouts, abdominal and oblique crunches…there are now short workout plans available for free printing and consultation online, so take advantage of this resource and use your free time sweating off the pounds!

  4. Play with your kids to give yourselves a workout.

    It’s not just you who needs outdoor activities and time—your children may be spending way too many sedentary hours zoning out in front of a TV screen or with their computers. For younger children, take them to the local park or playground and ride some bikes, or play tag, or play on the swings and monkey bars. Older children may enjoy a dip in a pool, and swimming is perfect for burning calories. If your older children are also interested in maintaining a healthy shape, go on a jog with them, or have a gym date. You may even learn a thing or two from them, and encourage them to maintain fitness in a healthy way by fostering a love of the outdoors. The bonding time is well worth it.

  5. Put yourself in the right mindset by having a good support system.

    Your family has to know that staying fit is important—not just to you, but to everyone. Encourage them to walk more or eat healthier foods, as keeping away indulgence or excuses to be lazy everyday is half the battle. This will also allow them a better understanding when you feel frustrated about plateau-ing—when your weight loss or fitness progress has reached a point of no change—or when you’re fighting off temptation from the caramel


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