Obesity and Lifestyle Choices

Obesity and Lifestyle Choices

2.1 Billion and counting- that’s how much people are obese and overweight today. The same number of people is also at high risk in contracting a wide array of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and stroke.

Sadly, the reasons behind such high number persists is that people still continue to practice plenty of poor lifestyle choices. Let’s have a closer look at the two lifestyle choices that are making our us more and more overweight.


Technology dependent lifestyle

The innovation of technology has brought about the automation of several things that we use to do manually and at the same time this also contributes to creating more sedentary lifestyle for everyone who are very much dependent to it.

Say for example when gathering people for a an event, while personalized invitations add more sentimental, more often than not, we just resort to e-vites instead of coming to the place of their invitees personally to deliver the invitation.

Even household maintenance can be automated as well. Sweeping the floor which would really be a good way to stretch some muscles can now be done by robots like those sold by Braava and LG. Hammers aren’t used as common as before since there are nail guns that would save so much time and effort.

In school, there is no need to copy notes anymore as you can just ask for a copy of the powerpoint file from the professor’s laptop. Books don’t need to be carried around to since there are plenty of books that are already digitalized.

Our daily routines aren’t exempted from this too, in fact is among the most changed. From prepping meal, to washing the dishes, and watching your favorite show, life has been so easier. Pressure cookers that hasten the cooking process of meat, microwavable food that saves time and energy to prepare, and a dishwasher that does all the cleaning- need we say more?

Everywhere we look we can see that technology paved way to making life work easier for the lot of us.

It’s not only about the automation of day to day activities, because some technological advances have been greatly affecting our lifestyles as well, like the invention of virtual games. Kids no longer play sports or other games that require physical effort because there are tons of virtual games that are available to them.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. If you would try to look into all of them one by one, you would see how that it renders us more inactive and it makes us ever dependent to it. Inactivity is directly proportional to weight increase; the more become inactive, the higher the increase in weight we will be having.

Although technology basically removed plenty of life’s hassle, it doesn’t change the fact that we have resorted to a lot of these easy way outs instead of working ourselves to get what we need. It’s the scary truth and we’re very much aware that it’s happening. The sad part is that most of the time we can’t help it.


A life that lacks discipline

Lack of discipline in plenty of things like, eating, time management and committing to an exercise routine can cause a lot of problems for people who are struggling to keep tabs on their weight.

If one lacks discipline in eating, then it would be projected that there would be more unhealthy food choices, wrong eating practices and unbalanced diet.


Forgetting one’s diet

It’s so easy to forget one’s diet, especially if you aren’t able to fully commit yourself to it.  There’s the usual trip to the fast food restaurant for some greasy and salty food, binge eating carb-filled treats whenever its stress season, and the unmindful eating of food with high calories that leads us astray to what we originally plan to eat. If you are guilty of these things, then you have all the reasons to be scared.


No time for healthy options!

It’s also very easy to say that you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals. It’s understandable that you’re working so hard to make ends meet, but what’s no you’re forgetting to be more responsible with regards to your eating schedule and your choices of meal.

The fact that we claim we don’t have time to make healthy meals shows a lack of control over our activities. Sure, we have tons of things to do at work or at school, but that should never hinder us from maintaining a reasonable weight. You can easily make a sandwich that would have basic ingredients like chicken, mayo and veggies instead of just grabbing hamburgers from the nearest food joint or ravaging through a bag of chips.

If you are always “I’m too busy””… I don’t have time”, then you must know that this is just a very typical excuse. Truth be told, we all have the time to do things if we know how to manage our time effectively.


Settling for processed food and fast food

These foods are rich in fat and preservatives, and for people who have weight problems, this is bad news. While these nutrients are needed by our body in moderate amount, we tend to consume more of fast food and processed food because we don’t feel satiated even after eating a huge serving and because we are always busy with life, we tend to eat out a lot. Eat out, do thing, get fat, repeat- It’s a repetitive cycle, that if not controlled could do so much damage to our health.


Diet Malpractices

Scratching out the essential food items, relying too much on counting calories, and skipping meals- these are the most common diet malpractices that a lot of people might be guilty of.

In hope of easing the process of losing weight some people does all these things not knowing that these can make the situation worse. Like in the case of Scratching out a lot of food from your diet (especially the essentials like your carbohydrate resources). This can contribute to weight loss, but taking out too much food could result to nutrient deficiency and even enhancing our appetite.

Relying too much on calorie counting on the other hand would also expose you to malnutrition risk because not all calories are made equal. Eating two pieces of apple would give you the same amount of calories when you are to drink a can of soda. They have the same amount of calories, but you get way more than calories if you eat the apples.

The third most common mistake is skipping meals. Seen as the easiest way to trim down the fat, this habit would not only expose you to developing gastric ulcer, but it would also make you feel very hungry for the next meal. You might have not eaten breakfast but you’re off to go double your serving of lunch.

Instead of alleviating the problem we are experiencing we present ourselves to greater problems and even more weight gain. The most alarming part is that these practices are widely done by a huge number of people who are on a weight loss diet.

The scariest thing about overweight problems isn’t just about the food that we eat, or the things that we usually do. As highlighted here, it also involves all the choices that we make whether their complicated such as switching to a whole new diet or simple like chopping off a few servings of rice from your usual meals. If you’re doing everything all wrong, then it’s about time that you mend your ways. If you weren’t really that sure before that you’re making a huge mistake, then we hope by now you fully realize what’s about to happen.


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