Simple and Easy steps to a High Blood Pressure Lifestyle

Simple and Easy steps to a High Blood Pressure Lifestyle

You might be raising your eyebrows while reading the title, but reassured, we would be educating you exactly on how to achieve a high blood pressure and to keep that problem maintained.


Wait, what?!?  By no means are we changing the fact that we are going to teach you how to have a high blood pressure because sometimes the easiest way to educating oneself about a certain problem is by not telling ourselves what not to do, but rather to get to know more about the problem that we are trying to avoid. It gives us more insight on the actual problem than just avoiding it.

So instead of discussing what things to avoid, so we could achieve a healthy blood pressure, let’s weigh in every factor that leads us to contracting high blood pressure. But before anything else, let’s try to get to know a bit more about our most valued circulatory organ- the heart.

The heart is a very important organ of our body. It pumps a total of 6 liters of blood in just a minute, and it continues to do that until it ceases to function. In order to pump all that amount of blood efficiently, the heart muscles contract and expand and the blood would flow to its destination as dictated by the blood pressure. The pressure pushes the blood into the different parts of the heart, the arteries and the different parts of our body.

Now for a handful of people, having a high blood pressure is relatively easy because they’re old. While aging could mean increased wisdom, it also means increased health risk. Apart from this factor, if one is born with genetic mutation or if hypertension runs in their families then contracting high blood pressure is just a matter of triggering it to happen.  Others however need to push themselves a little bit more to have high blood pressure. Here are four of the simplest ways to a high blood pressure lifestyle.


  1. Smoke ‘til you drop

Over and over the authorities keep on saying that smoking is dangerous to our health, but the tobacco business is still a prevailing market. Smoking and inhaling second hand smoke is never found to directly cause the increase of the blood pressure for a long term basis (we say long term, because it was found that it could raise your BP moments after you had a cigarette). Researchers are still inconclusive about the mechanism operating behind the relationship of smoking and hypertension but the main points that are being looked into are causing of increased plaque build-up in the arteries and promoting lung problems. When combined, these two effects of cigarette to our body can do so much health problems.

The earlier you start smoking, the faster you would be able to have hypertension. Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the US says that the prevalence rate of smoking among 18-24 is at 18.7%, add in the other smokers who are below 18 who secretly smoke and the people around them who get exposed to secondhand smoke and you get a very considerable amount of people. That’s the number of people who are all waiting in line to have hypertension. If you want to join them then you better start smoking ‘til you drop. Not only do you get hypertension but you also get to develop lung cancer.


  1. Sit. Sleep. Repeat!

Obesity is brought about by eating too much, moving too less and repeating these two processes again and again.  The combination of these two health malpractices are needed to fully achieve a dangerous weight. You can either resort to binge eat every weekends, decrease your exercise routine, live a more sedentary life and consume more unhealthy food.

Obesity is another factor that triggers high blood pressure. It increases the level of LDL cholesterol which in turn triggers the development of atherosclerosis (otherwise known as hardening of the blood vessels). Atherosclerosis affects the blood circulation because of the thickened vessels. This would increase our blood pressure since more force is needed to distribute the blood throughout the whole body. If left untreated the condition could get worse as the vessels would be totally blocked by the plaque. Apart from hypertension, you are fully committing yourself to a life threatened with stroke, heart attack and heart failure.


  1. Fall in love with processed food

Everywhere we look there are processed foods; from the hamburgers we buy at Mcdonald’s to the seasoning we put in our food to improve its taste. It’s not really so hard to fall in love with them because they appear to be tastier than the ordinary whole food. Who needs whole food when you can have tasty processed food?

Processed foods are filled with sodium, fat and other preservatives. These substances are used to make all of those foods more delicious. At the same time, these substances are also ingredients to increasing our risks of developing hypertension. Excess salt in the body raises the overall volume of water in the blood. This is done by the body to equilibrate the amount of salts dissolved in the system. Increase of volume of water in blood would also result to the increase of the blood pressure. That means if you keep eating processed food then you are also on the right track in making yourself more vulnerable to heart problems.


  1. Drink real hard

Drinking alcohol beverages at moderate amount is quite tolerable, but if you are gearing towards developing hypertension then you need to go overboard: Party hard, and drink harder. Use this as your mantra and you’d be surprised how quickly you’d be gaining weight and how heavy you would always feel every time you wake up.

Alcoholic beverages temporarily increase the blood pressure by up to 1-3 mmHg after drinking more than 3 bottles. If you practice drinking more than 3 bottles every single night then you’re off to raise your blood pressure to perilous levels. So if you’re completely on board on developing hypertension then do yourself a favor and drink more than two drinks a day every single day of the week.

Being healthy is a choice that we can make. Same as through with developing some health problems like Hypertension. If you fancy living a life that’s happy and long with the people you love and care for then there are a dozen ways to achieve that, but if you want to have a life that’s miserable, pain-stricken and problematic then you could always follow all the steps stated above and wait for your problems to unveil themselves.





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