The Happiest Place On Earth

The Happiest Place On Earth

As we all know, it takes a lot of time planning on a trip to Disneyland. Try searching on Google and it will give hundreds of possible itinerary on how to spend your time wisely when visiting the happiest place on earth. Well, it also depends where. Try to decide first if you’re aiming to go to Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Sea and etc. Now if you’re a Filipino, it is much faster to visit the newest Disneyland in Hong Kong. The main reason is that, we do not have to acquire visa in order to enter the country.

It’s not hard to plan your visit, you can even do a side trip to Macau if you want to. There are also travel agencies that offer packages for couples and groups.  But there are things that no one will tell you if you’re visiting for the first time:

Tips from: – edited to suit Filipino audience

Overestimate how long it’ll take to do, well, everything.

Give your family as much buffer time as possible. If you’re with a tour guide, then this is not a problem. The agency will tell you what time they’ll pick you up and it’s going to be easy breezy from here. But what if, you’re a backpacker? You must research the time the bus and train leaves and how frequent the trips they have in and out of the theme-park.


Cristina Decena

You can always find good food—if you know where to look.

Food is everywhere. From small kiosks to open diners and fancy restaurants, you will not have any trouble finding one. You just have to choose what kind of food you are craving for. Just because it’s Hong Kong it doesn’t mean they don’t serve western food and the likes.

Pack these three essentials: Ziplocks, anti-bacterial gel, and terribly comfortable shoes.

Yes. By the time you realize how many rails, handles, and seat belts you’ve touched to board just a single ride, you’ll dream of dousing your hands in Purell, and whatever you do, don’t underestimate just how much your family will walk. (Don’t wear new ones, either—breaking in shoes is a classic first-timer fail!) Now what is the ziplock for? For your non waterproof and non water resistant stuff.



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