Travel in Style with Business Flight

Travel in Style with Business Flight

What do you get when you put together a hardheaded executive from Manila and a beauty queen from Bicol in one place? You get an inspirational travel documentary that features the sights and sounds that Filipino overseas workers see every day.

We all know that overseas foreign workers (OFWs) have contributed significantly to the prosperity that many Filipinos are experiencing today. This is not only because of the foreign currency they send back to their families back home, but also because their exemplary work ethic and friendliness has made Filipinos the favored workforce anywhere, including in good old PI. Venus Raj, 4th runner up of the 2010 Miss Universe, and CBC Group of Companies CEO Cristina Decena have been tasked to sneak a peek at exactly what our Filipino compatriots are up to beyond our shores.

The show, which airs every Saturday at 11:30am on GMA News TV, first featured the duo exactly two years ago today on March 29, 2014. Back then, it was aired on Sundays at 9 AM. It was well –received, earning a nomination as the Best Travel Show in the 29th PMPVC Star Awards for Television.

Certified digital marketer and marketing consultant Jeoff Solas behind the blog site Liberating Jepoy got a heads-up for the shooting for the episode featuring BEST WESTERN PLUS Antel Hotel, where he joined Business Flight hosts to sample its Japanese cuisine. He was impressed with Ms. Decena’s command of the Japanese language, which certainly came in handy when the duo visited Nagoya, Japan the previous December. Traveling is certainly a perk when you host this type of show, as Ms. Raj impishly admitted.

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However, the show is not about the hosts, no matter how impressive, and it isn’t even about the places they visit. The purpose of the show is to feature and document the lives and impressions of Filipinos abroad, and there are so many possibilities. In one episode, Business Flight featured the Filipinos fortunate enough to snag employment with the British Royal family, and they interviewed a woman who waxed enthusiastic about serving Princess Di and Queen Elizabeth. Ms. Decena said, ““Sabi niya ay talagang approachable, maganda ang PR sa tao ni Diana at kahit na serbidora sila ay kinakausap sila. Napakababa ng loob ni Diana at talagang kinakausap sila.” High praise, indeed.

The UK and Japan are just some of the places that our Filipino workers thrive, though. According to Wikipedia, there are more than 10 million Filipinos in 32 countries, the highest concentrations of which are in the US and Saudi Arabia. Wouldn’t it be great if they could feature all 32 countries?

Business Flight is all prepped and ready to go. All that is needed is your feedback. What country do you want to see featured in Business Flight? If you know of a great story they can feature, please comment below.


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